Research papers by salame and baddeley

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Abstract. Immediate ordered recall is strongly disrupted by concurrent irrelevant speech even when the speech is unfamiliar to the subject. This effect has been replicated in. Effects of background music on phonological short-term memory Pierre Salamé CNRS/INRS Laboratoire de Physiologie et Psychologie Environnementales, Strasbourg, France & Alan Baddeley MRC Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, U.K.

Music in the Classroom: Distraction or Study Tool?

A later research by Boyle and Coltheart () studying the effect of vocal music in an irrelevant sound paradigm has replicated Salame and Baddeley ()’s findings, further, they reported that vocal music could induce a similar degree of impairment on serial recall performance as that of speech.

Music and the Phonological Loop Lindsey M. Thompson,*1 Marjorie J. Yankeelov,2 *Music, Mind and Brain, Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom 2Dept. of Music, Belmont University, United States [email protected]m, [email protected]om ABSTRACT Research on the phonological loop and music processing remains inconclusive.

Mar 28,  · Effects of Background Music on Phonological Short-term Memory In this research article, written by Pierre Salame and Alan Baddeley, a series of tests were conducted to observe if a person’s short term memory was affected by listening to instrumental music versus vocal music.

Future research further investigating the impact of conversations in open-plan offices (e.g., including relevant conversations) and comparing the Irrelevant Speech Effect (Salame & Baddeley, ) and the Changing-state hypotheses (Jones, ) was recommended.

Research papers by salame and baddeley
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