Kai tak cruise terminal

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Kai Tak Airport

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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

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20 years on: Remembering the glory days of Hong Kong's old Kai Tak Airport

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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

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Here are 20 of the world’s best ports to drop anchor. © Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. All rights reserved. Web for All 無障礙網頁. 香港天文台 HK WEATHER FORECAST HK WEATHER FORECAST. © Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

All rights reserved.

Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal

Web for All 無障礙網頁. 香港天文台 HK WEATHER FORECAST HK WEATHER FORECAST. © Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. All rights reserved. Web for All 無障礙網頁. 香港天文台 HK WEATHER FORECAST HK WEATHER FORECAST. Located at the former Kai Tak Airport runway, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is one of the world’s foremost cruise facilities.

Designed by Foster + Partners, the three-storey building features light-filled passenger and service areas, efficient passenger circulation between drops-offs, jaw-dropping.

The Kai Tak Development (KTD) comprises government, institution and community (GIC) facilities, residential and commercial areas and an extensive open space network.

Kai tak cruise terminal
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